Welcome to our Website!


We are an East Coast guild that is excited about recruiting new members who want to share the leveling and crafting experiences with on-line friends.  We want to build a family of regular players who are working on gaining the skills and techniques that we will need to excell during future group runs and while experiencing the end-game content.


We are a family-oriented group that primarily plays in the evenings.  But we really go nuts on Friday night, sometimes playing into the wee hours of Saturday morning if we are on a roll!


Right now we are working on leveling our first characters, so PvE is what we are doing the most

Crafting is something that we'd like to do as a guild, helping each other to maximize one craft apiece at first.  Since we won't have a guild bank for a while, we will be gathering the materials and mailing them to each other as we each are working to take a different craft to max-level.


And when we "grow up" we want to participate in the end-game content.


Won't you join us and help us grow?  If so, apply to the guild and let us know that you've selected Rageing Rowsdowers!  to share your Wildstar online experience.  You won't be sorry that you did cupcake!